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GCDA Research

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Data Management Services

GCDA Research

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Through market research, we can provide our clients important information which will help them to identify and analyse the needs…

Quantitative Research

Observations/Participant Observation Survey Interviews

Qualitative Research

Traditional Qualitative Research Focus Groups Sensitized Groups Depth Motivation Studies In-depth interviews Experiments Data Analysis

Community Survey

Education Survey Research Economic Development Research Social Research

Employee Research Services

Employee Satisfaction Research Employee Retention

Mystery shopping survey

Through mystery shopping surveys,we can provide our clients with feedback about their customers experience from an external perspective.

Data Management Services

Data Entry Services Mail Survey

Online Research

Teknologjia jonë

With Confirmit, you have access to a comprehensive, end-to-end visual insights engine. With solutions for everything from data collection to visualization, storytelling, and action, Confirmit can support virtually every aspect of your program

Data Collection

Survey Design Feedback & Data Collection Direct and Indirect Feedback Partners 3rd Party Data Integrations

Analysis & Reporting

Genius Text and Social AnalyticsDapresy Data VisualizationStudio ReportingGo (Mobile app)3rd Party Data Integrations

Data Collection

Action Management 3rd Party Data Integrations



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